The upcoming decolonial and communal pluri-versity

In two of my previous postings I argued for the need of specific type of transformations in the philosophy of education within the existing system and history of the university; history that I have outlined elsewhere. Within the existing system research toward non-capitalist economies shall be encourage as well as research that unveils the devastating consequences of “economic growth” and the expenses of “social (an natural) death”, to borrow Orlando Paterson’s well known expression.

But there is another trajectory (or perhaps trajectories) unfolding beyond the university system, acting and thinking a philosophy of education geared toward the communal. It is indeed a de colonial philosophy that nourishes Amawtay Wasi in Quito; and UniTierra in San Cristobal de las Casas and y en in Oaxaca.

I wonder if similar initiatives started or are planning to start in Sub-Saharan Africa, East and South East Asia, Central Asia or in the Middle East? Initiatives as the one i listed here are engaged in epistemic de-linking, building indeed de-colonial visions of the future.


  1. Agradecida por su artículo.
    Muy interasante su tópico inherente a la descolonización.
    Escribo sobre modelos epistémicos en Latinoamerica, y me ha reportado muchas luces. Olga Quiroz Campos

  2. Olga u otro, he notado que habla de un artículo en particular. Se encuentra en esta página? Me gustaría leerlo. Gracias!

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