The Collective Project Modernity/Coloniality/Decoloniality

One of the pleasure of going to the stacks in any library that allows you to go to the stacks, is to find much more than you were looking for. Now, that pleasure is being complemented (not superseded) by the web. It so happened that looking for recent books and articles about “modernity” (a topic that apparently is beyond fashion), i found a very well done report on the project “modernity/coloniality/decoloniality.”  I do not know who the author is or are, but he or she did a very good job. It is in Spanish, but i won’t be surprised if we have soon a version in English and perhaps in other languages as well. Those of you interested in the work of the collective, will find here a well-seasoned resume and bibliography.

Here is the link

There are however a couple of points that should be reviewed. One is the word “Group.” Modernity/Coloniality/Decoloniality (MCD) is a “Collective Project.”  But it is not a “Research Project” for “research project” is a disciplinary description, the way the disciplines and scholars in the disciplines describe their doing. MCD, as Catherine Walsh clearly stated it at the end of an interview published in the Slovenian journal Reartikulacija (

states it, it is yes a project, but not a research project in the disciplinary sense: it is project of epistemic disobedience, including of course disciplinary disobedience, that put the horse in front of the carts: rather than the method and the how, the project begin by asking what knowledge do we need, why, to advocate what cause. MDC is indeed a project that constantly works toward shifting the geopolitics of knowledge that rule research oriented disciplinary enterprises.


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