Slavery, the Holocaust and the Challenge of Global Justice

A Summer School in Middleburg, Holland, co-directed by Walter Mignolo and Rolando Vazquez,

followed up by a workshop on Critical and Decolonial Dialogues

Both the Seminar and the Workshop are based on a basic assumptions: There are two kind of critics to modernity. One is internal to Europe, from the Frankfurt School to post-modernity. The second kind emerged in the borders of Euro/American imperial expansion and interference with the non-Euro American world. We label “critical” de first kind and “decolonial” the second, which doesn’t mean that the decolonial is not critical. It means that is critical from the exteriority of the West. That is, a critique from the “outside” invented by Western epistemology to legitimize itself as the “inside” and the point of reference to make the will turn around.

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