Ukraine 2014: A Decolonial Take

      According to newsbreaks around the world, 95.5% of Crimean voted in favor of Russian annexation. The current Ukraine acting-government has lit the torch of civil war. Prime Minister Yatseniuk is quoted as saying that “the ground will burn under their feet.” The US announced to make effective and immediately sanctions against Russia.        The EU… Continue reading Ukraine 2014: A Decolonial Take

En Guatemala, Sobre (De)Colonialidad en Ciudad de la Imaginación

Esta entrevista se realizó en ocasión de mi visita a Quetzaltenango, en Noviembre del 2013. La razón fue el Simposio organizado por Ciudad de la Imaginación.   ¿Dónde y cuándo emergió el concepto decolonial? R: Dificil precisar el dia y la hora. Pero si que el concepto comenzó a emplearse después de la segunda guerra… Continue reading En Guatemala, Sobre (De)Colonialidad en Ciudad de la Imaginación

Tonight in Buenos Aires I Saw a Black Man

I pasted this story in FB. Then i realized that one of the proper names was wrongly spelled. So i deleted, corrected the original (apparently you cannot edit directly in FB) and pasted again. It so happened that the new pasting reproduced the text without paragraphs. I tried several times. Failed. So i am posting… Continue reading Tonight in Buenos Aires I Saw a Black Man

How Dewesternizing Discourse Works

On Friday, July 9th, i was listening Diane Rhem Show´s in the radio. The topic Edward Snowden and declarations made by Vladimir Putin to the journalist. According to one of the person participating in the dialogue, Putin made two contradictory statements. One of them has been widely distributed and occupies many of the news title.… Continue reading How Dewesternizing Discourse Works