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Decolonially, Bits by Bits |
Walter Mignolo

Thoughts on modernity/coloniality, geopolitics of knowledge, border thinking, pluriversality, and the decolonial option.

Mas sobre la colonialidad del saber

Silvia Ribeiro es investigadora y directora de gestion de ETC group con base en Mexico. ETC group equivale a Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration. El programa se dedica a investigar en pro del avance sustantable de la diversidad ecologica y de los derechos humanos. Su ultimo articulo publicado en ALAI, America Latina en […]

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The upcoming decolonial and communal pluri-versity

In two of my previous postings I argued for the need of specific type of transformations in the philosophy of education within the existing system and history of the university; history that I have outlined elsewhere. Within the existing system research toward non-capitalist economies shall be encourage as well as research that unveils the devastating […]

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Las caídas del “muro” de Berlín y de la “calle” Wall

En “Otros Bicentenarios” La caída de la “Calle Wall”(Wall Street) reproduce, casi veinte años despues, la caída del “Muro de Berlin”(Berlin Wall). En realidad, el paralelo no debe sorprendernos. Ambos, el “el capitalismo real”y el “socialismo real”son hijos mellizos herederos de la ilustración y de la secularización en la historia de occidente. El estado-nación secular […]

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Sobre descolonización/descolonialidad, una vez más

Mis comentarios sobre “Eurocentrism 21st Century: The King and the Colonial Vassal”provocaron algunas reacciones immediatas. Una de ellas, pregunta por qué escribo en inglés sobre estos temas. En los próximos días traduciré el artículo al castellano y responderé a esta pregunta. En lo que sigue, hago algunas aclaraciones dirigidas a preguntas y objeciones que se […]

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Eurocentrism 21st Century: The King and the Colonial Vassal

A while ago, Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek stated that when someone says Eurocentrism “every self-respecting postmodern leftist intellectual has as violent a reaction as Joseph Goebbels had to culture: to reach for a gun, hurling accusations of proto-fascist Eurocentrist cultural imperialism.” However, he asked himself, “is it possible to imagine a leftist appropriation of the […]

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Bono contra China, Reloaded

During one pleasant summer night Leo Ching, Ralph Litzinger and I where chatting about the quite interesting issue of Vanity Fair, published in July of 2007 and edited by Bono. The issue received quite a bit of attention. The conversation moved from Bono’s “crusade”to Bill and Melinda Gates in cooperation with the Rockefeller Foundation’s project […]

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On “The Idea of Latin America”

There is a recurrent blindness among readers and commentators of The Idea of Latin America. Although in the third part of the book I argued that “After”Latin America is the work of Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Andean, of Indigenous intellectuals and political projects and that Latinos and Latinas in the US also contribute to dismantling the “idea […]

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Are Africans in South America and the Caribbean also Latins?

My friend Roger, from Brazilia, sent me this site about the growing presence of Afro-Latin Americans, as the saying goes. There is an interesting map, that I highlight here for your easy access. It will be interesting to have a similar map tracing the European migration to—let’s say to simplify matters—America. Do you have one? […]

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