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Decolonial Thoughts |
Walter Mignolo

Thoughts on modernity/coloniality, geopolitics of knowledge, border thinking, pluriversality, and the decolonial option.

Telling Half of the Story

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani objected to the bipartisan study group chaired by James Baker III and Lee Hamilton. He was reported by the international press to have said that the bipartisan U.S. report calling for a new approach to the war offered dangerous recommendations that would undermine his country’s sovereignty and were “an insult to […]

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El Pensamiento Descolonial

Oldep.net (Observatorio Latino-Americano de Políticas Educacionales, Brazil; September 14, 2006. Also in Amauta.in.br; September 15, 2006. En la conferencia dictada en la Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar Josepth Stiglitz expuso brevemente su teoría de la información imperfecta y sus implicaciones para el trabajo hacia una sociedad democrática y justa. Afirmaba que, en el proceso, las universidades […]

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