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Decolonial Thoughts |
Walter Mignolo

Thoughts on modernity/coloniality, geopolitics of knowledge, border thinking, pluriversality, and the decolonial option.


For a long time scholars in the social sciences and the humanities, journalist, artists and curators talked about “modernity.” They found also that their modernity could be expanded and stretched in time (post), in space (peripheral, alternative), hierarchically (subaltern) and later to run parallel to the French version of the World Social Forum: alter-mondisme became […]

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Decolonial Aesthetics: Manifesto, Exhibit and Workshop

I shall be short in this posting and just send you to the home page of TDI/Transnational Decolonial Institute where you can find the “Decolonial Aesthetics Manifesto” with a preamble that explains its short but interesting history.  You will find also other links and references to contextualize the manifesto. Furthermore, there is now available a […]

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The communal and the decolonial

Published in Turbulence and in Analyse und Kritik I Imagine the world around 1500. It was a polycentric and non-capitalist world. There were many civilizations from China to Sub-Saharan Africa, but none of them dominated the other. There was a radical change in global history that we can summarize in two points: the emergence of […]

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Los dos pilares de la administración Bush

El período de gobierno del presidente George W. Bush se abrió con un estado de emergencia provocado, o co-ayudado, por los dos aviones que se estrellaron en las Torres Gemelas. El acontecimiento dió ocasión al gobierno de Bush para encender la mecha del patriotismo, declarar la guerra contra el terrorismo y urgir al congreso el […]

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Racism and Human Rights

The series of events that unfolded in Sucre, Bolivia, since May 24 have not received much attention by the international press; and in some cases, the report contributed to obscure the facts. The events invite us, all of us, to think about racism and human rights; who are the perpetrators, who are the victims, what […]

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Attorney General Alberto Gonzáles and the Hispanic Challenge

When noted Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington published his controversial article, “The Hispanic Challenge,” in Foreign Policy no one could have thought of Alberto Gonzáles. Huntington’s article was published on February 24, 2004. And President George Bush announced on November 11 of that same year that Gonzáles was his choice to replace John Ashcroft . […]

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We get what we deserve: On the latest Al Gore and George W. Bush.

I learned to think this way in the early 90s when Carlos Saúl Menem was elected president of Argentina. I was in one of Buenos Aires’s well known book-stores, Librería Gandhi, talking with an admired friend, el Negro Tula, going back to the exciting university years in Córdoba, before Juan Carlos Onganía took power (1966-1970) […]

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