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Decolonial Thoughts |
Walter Mignolo

Thoughts on modernity/coloniality, geopolitics of knowledge, border thinking, pluriversality, and the decolonial option.

Mike´s Kitchen and the Indian Ocean

I am in Johannesburg (August 2013) at CISA. Most evenings, coming back from the university, enjoying a drive and conversation with Dilip, director of the Center, I stop at Mike´s Kitchen. Nothing fancy but good food. Grilled calamari, grilled chicken, grilled filet, fresh salad, steamy vegetable, and a decent Pinotage by the glass, makes it […]

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Decolonial AestheSis: Colonial Wounds/Decolonial Healings

The special issue of Social Text-Periscope on Decolonial AestheSis co-edited by Rolando Vazquez and myself, is up and running. As i write this note there are still a few contributions to be uploaded. But it is almost there. These issue shows the global scope of Decolonial Aesthesis from Hong Kong, Singapore Korea and Taiwan, from […]

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How Dewesternizing Discourse Works

On Friday, July 9th, i was listening Diane Rhem Show´s in the radio. The topic Edward Snowden and declarations made by Vladimir Putin to the journalist. According to one of the person participating in the dialogue, Putin made two contradictory statements. One of them has been widely distributed and occupies many of the news title. […]

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Re-emerger: el retorno del Este Global y del Sur Global.

Entrevista con Walter Mignolo Por Norma Giarracca para CAUSA SUR, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Febrero 2013  (*) Sobre el concepto “re-emerger” ver mi artículo publicado en Ibraaz.   1) En tu último libro (The darker side of western modernity. Global futures, decolonial options) dedicas uno de los primeros capítulos a “la vía del futuro: reoccidentalización, desoccidentalización […]

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La prohibición de Monsanto en Europa

Polonia recientemente se ha unido a otros países Europeos (Bélgica, Gran Bretaña, Bulgaria, Francia, Alemania, Irlanda y Eslovaquia) que prohibieron el maíz Mon810, de Monsanto. La empresa es conocida globalmente como proveedora de productos de agricultura y por producir también el glisofato y el Roundup. También es productora de semillas genéticamente modificadas. Todo ello hace […]

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Touching Objects or Being in (Un)Touch

1.- There are distinctions like “First World” and “Third World” that if you mention them today, you receive an ironic look, if that at all. More polite interlocutors would say something like “I see what you mean, but don’t you think that this distinction is not longer valid, after the collapse of the Soviet Union […]

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This interview can be translated into about 72 languages What follows is a lengthy interview conducted in English by Weihua He, from Shanghai, while i was a Resident Fellow at the Advanced Institute of Cross Disciplinary Studies, at the City University of Hong Kong. The interview took a couple of months and was recently published […]

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Ohio University Press just released the book i have co-authored with Madina Tlostanova. The arguments advanced here complement Madina’s explorations on Gender Epistemologies in the Eurasian Borderlands (2010). For my part, this book is a bridge between Local Histories/Global Designs. Coloniality, Subaltern Knoweldges and Border Thinking (2000, the second edition with a new Preface will […]

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